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Natural Therapy

NATURAL THERAPY is a holistic approach that treats health conditions by utilizing what is believed to be the body's innate ability to heal. By incorporating a variety of natural methods, naturopathy practitioners aim to enhance body's immune system, help organs to function at optimum level, and to amplify self healing process.

HYDROTHERAPY is a form of naturopathy in which water is the medium of the therapy. Because water plays crucial role in all body function, hydrotherapy is seen as the basic of naturopathy healing. 


To treat "diseases" such as asthma, allergy, gastric pain, rheumatism, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, modern medicine can only provide temporary relief by suppressing the related symptoms. Hydrotherapy on the other hand provides an alternative solution as a holistic approach to health.


Hydrotherapy has been overlooked by modern medicine. The holistic paradigm places water as the focus of overall health. More than 75% of the human body is made of water. All metabolic activities require the presence of water. WATER plays crucial roles in health, including transportation of nutrients, oxygen, hormones, antibody, metabolic waste, along with neural signal transmission, temperature control and many others.

Not All Water Are Created Equal

Due to increased level of pollution, the quality of drinking water all over the world has been steadily declining. To reduce pollutants from water, many different ways of purification with the use of even more chemical sanitizers must be done. Because of limited funding and/or increasingly polluted source water, public drinking water is almost impossible to be perfectly processed. Carcinogenic substances such as Nitrates, Chlorine (THM), or other hazardous substances such as insecticide, pesticide, hydrocarbons, heavy metals even hormones can be found in drinking water in various concentrations.


Simply increasing water intake for therapeutical purpose can become a new source of health problem. For example, drinking water containing Nitrates and THM has potentials to trigger the growth of cancerous cell.

HYDRA THERA is 100% UNPROCESSED NATURAL WATER, and naturally FREE from contaminants.


Being natural water, HYDRA THERA is easily absorbed by the body and it has unique diuretic properties, which helps to speed up detoxification process. Detoxification is crucial as accumulation of metabolic waste can become a source of health problems.

IDEAL HEALTH CONDITION can be achieved and maintained by practising hydrotherapy with HYDRA THERA, supported with healthy diet & lifestyle, harmonious attitude and suitable regular exercises.

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