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Theratalk: Healthy, glowing skin. What's gut got to do with it?

Updated: Jan 16

dr. Putri Wulandari graduated from FK USU medical school in 2006 and completed her Master’s degree at FKM USU in 2014. She founded Wulandari Health Center and is a Director of Klinik Syifa in Medan.

Broadening her studies overseas, she went on to study in the fields of aesthetics and anti-aging, with intention to fuse both fields as a way towards preventative medicine. Her Fellowship Program with American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine was followed up with her studies in functional medicine AFMCP from IFM (US), to round up her understanding on preventative medicine.

We are honoured to be supported by dr. Putri Wulandari @putlively of @wulandari_clinic@klinikwulandari@kliniksyifa as one of our distinguished speakers for #TheraTalkLetsTalk . Hosted by @davehendrik , let’s talk with dr. Putri on Wednesday, 28 October 2020 at 7 PM Jakarta time. Talk to you soon!

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