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Dewi Puji - To the world, you are a mother. But to your family, you are the world.

Upon the birth of her child, Dewi Puji took up a challenging career change and took up a full-time job as a mother, while her days of being a HR consultant must now take a back seat. It’s quite a balancing act and she picks yoga to maintain the balance of her mind, body and soul.

As a doting mother, she strives to provide the right nutrients, food and water for her family. For water, she entrusts Hydra Thera to keep her family well hydrated.

Everyday, Dewi ensures her husband carries a bottle of Hydra Thera to the office, while filling up Hydra Thera into her child's water bottle.

“I’m not a super mom, but I try to stay healthy and fit so I can give my best for my family.”

Written by :Dewi Puji - A Proud Mother, Former HR Consultant

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