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Dr. Riani Susanto ND - With HYDRA THERA I Feel Healthier

“I have a feeling that HYDRA THERA is something special when I first look at its green-coloured BPA-FREE bottle. I am very picky in choosing what water to drink, quality aside, taste is very important to me. When I tried HYDRA THERA, I can instantly taste that it is very light, smooth, and it has no smell nor after taste! Since then, HYDRA THERA has become a part of me & my family.

In short time after switching my drinking water to HYDRA THERA, my skin become more supple, smooth, radiant, especially on the face. Generally, I feel fitter, not getting tired easily while going about my daily busy schedules, and I can feel that my organs remain youthful, even though age-wise I have passed the middle age borderline. I believe this happens because my organs are receiving enough good quality water that can reach the intra-cellular cells, which boosts proper regeneration process.

I always keep HYDRA THERA with me everywhere I go, even when going abroad. Its 2 litre size helps keeping me in pace of drinking enough water through the day.

I am already a healthy person, with HYDRA THERA I feel healthier. This is why I recommend it to my patients & my friends. I want to share the goodness I have experienced, and I want them to be healthier as well.

Many people say that getting healthy is costly. But falling sick will cost you much, much more. As we all believe that prevention is better than cure, let’s invest our life with the right choice!”

Written by : Dr. Riani Susanto ND - Naturopathic Doctor Who Specialises In Mind, Body, Soul Wellness.

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