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Rina Poerwadi: Hydra Thera - Brings Back My Childhood Memory

My name is Rina Poerwadi – I am a Holistic Aromatherapy Practitioner & Educator, Infant Massage Instructor and Hands – on Cooking Instructor….most of my work is related to people and their health issues of body, mind and spirit, on improving family relationships and bonding.

One of my students introduced me to Hydrathera almost a year ago. I tried without any expectation.  To my surprise, after trying the first mouthful of Hydrathera, my memory wandered to when I was young, when the water quality from our own well behind the house tasted very fresh and natural with a touch of natural sweetness. Since then, I drink Hydrathera every day. The first week of finishing 2 liters a day, I experienced a detoxification process from my body.

I started to recommend Hydrathera to my clients and receiving a good response from them. That was my starting point to have Hydrathera available for clients in my clinic so they can conveniently purchase it there. One client experienced her uric acid level going down to normal levels after drinking Hydrathera for several weeks.  And another client bought Hydrathera and gave it to her family members who are not well and found out that their stamina improved during illness.

Not only that, this is what my clients and I love about Hydrathera, they recycle! All empty bottles are sending back to my place when they re-purchase and I will keep them all until Hydrathera comes and collect them. Yay!

Written by : Rina Poerwadi - Holistic Aromatherapy Practitioner & Educator, Infant Massage Instructor and Hands-on Cooking Instructor

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