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Hermawan Indradjaja - Yoga & HYDRA THERA, Are My Precious Investments For Long & Healthy Life

“It began with a liver transplant a few years ago. A year into recovery, my taste buds became hyper sensitive, which made eating & drinking unpleasant! Drinking water is a challenge & at times, I had to drink water with ice cream just to make it more palatable. Until one day, a friend brought me HYDRA THERA, and that was finally when I could truly enjoy drinking water. HYDRA THERA definitely helped me get through my recovery process; as I had to drink plenty of water as my kidneys were working extra hard with all those medications I took.

The following year, I was one of the victims of the bomb blast in Bangkok & ended up with multiple major injuries, including burns & torn leg muscles. Whilst recovering in Bangkok, I had difficulties drinking any water there until a friend brought me a few cartons of HYDRA THERA from Jakarta, which definitely helped in my recovery.

Upon returning to Jakarta, my activities were severely restricted because it was impossible to walk with all the pain. But it was through Iyengar Yoga, I was patiently coached to finally be able to walk & straightened my posture. In fact, my posture was even better as compared to before the misfortune! It was my Yoga instructor & friends at @yogadhamjakarta who helped & motivated me during the recovery process & let me be able to walk again.

Yoga, proper nutrition & drinking plenty of water, are the 3 things which definitely helped me regain my muscle strength and mobility. I always keep at least 2 bottles of HYDRA THERA in my car. The 2 litres volume serves as a reminder as to how much water I should be drinking. In fact, I have HYDRA THERA with me everywhere I go, even overseas! I can easily drink 3 litres to help me cope with my daily activities, and even more when doing yoga, or while enjoying my hobby, singing.

Yoga & HYDRA THERA, are my precious investments for long & healthy life.”

Written by :Hermawan Indradjaja - Successful Businessman, Liver-Transplant Survivor, Bomb-Blast Survivor, Lyengar Yoga Enthusiast

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