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Dita Carey: Hydra Thera - The Green Bottle

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

I filled my glass with the water from the green bottle, drop one effervescent of vitamin C, and took some vitamins for my energy booster. Then moved to the bathroom for my morning ritual.

My husband just woke up and said, ”Babe, I need some water too. Where’s the green bottle?”. So I pointed to the bottle next to my bedside table.

After cuddling my beautiful cats and fed the fish I brewed the coffee. And then put on my new trainer. Today I was going to run on the treadmill before shower. I guessed 30 minutes was enough. Oh, need more water before and after. Where was it? Found that green bottle again. Superb!

You see, most of the day I drank a lot of water. When I woke up, and before and after my morning exercise. Not to mention when I had a meal or when I was teaching. And that’s not included the coffee or tea that I had regularly each day.

Unless you don’t know, my profession is Pilates Instructor. I worked in a studio at southern Jakarta and guess what, beside other drinks I had to drinks a lot of water because I always have a busy day.

My encounter with Hydrathera came one day when one little lady came to studio. She told me a lot about why I should try the product. And guess what? Yes, it was in green bottle. She said it can be a bit pricey but it’s worth it. So I tried.

I found that the water was so smooth and light, so easy to swallow without any trace of nausea that could be occurred if you drank too fast.

Then I recommend that to some of my students that had high blood pressure and the pressure went down after a while. I guess the combination between exercise and water were really clicked here.

So far I have been a very good devotee to Hydrathera. I mixed that with coffee and tea, and put it in the water jug with lemon sliced in that. Hydrathera lifted the taste of  the coffee or tea. And if you tried the lemon water, it was so refreshing.

I only have one problem. I have to hide the green boxes every time my niece came for a visit, because she loved that too.

Written by : Dita Carey - Professional Certification Peak PilateSystem Instructor, Education Director - PILATES in MOTION

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