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Theratalk: Pregnancy During Pandemic? Don't Worry, Be Happy!

A mother of three, soon to be four, with an architectural degree, previously working in Jakarta and Singapore. She decided to become a doula, after having two magical birthing experience. She had waterbirth for her second child, then a homebirth for her third child.

Imu, as she refers herself, had completed gentle birth & doula workshops taught by Giuditta Tornetta (USA), Nicolla Mahdiyyah Goodall (UK), and Ibu Robin Lim (CNN Hero 2011 & founder of Bumi Sehat Bali), along with other birth keeper women from all around the world. It is her passion to share knowledge and experience about pregnancy and birth with her belief that “through birth we find healing”, she wishes that all women can have a safe, comfortable, and joyful birth.

Certified birth doula from Red Tent Doulas – UK, and postpartum doula from Joy In Birthing – USA, Irma is currently awaiting for certifications as childbirth educator from CBI and DONA – Singapore. She has been accompanying families since 2014, at their respective, beautiful, and sacred birth moments.

We are honoured to be supported by @irmasyahrifat from @birth.imwithu as one of our distinguished speakers for #TheraTalkLetsTalk . Hosted by high-spirited mother of two @novitaangie , let’s talk with Doula Irma Syahrifat on Wednesday, 9 September 2020 at 7 PM Jakarta time. Talk to you soon!

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