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How the nature can help your health

Balance | Harmony

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Especially for Natural Therapeutic Practitioner

100% Natural Water

No Chemical Treatment

Naturally Free From Contaminants

2-Litres of Nature's Divine Gift

BPA-Free Packaging

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HYDRA THERA Natural Mineral Water is
100% untreated & unaltered natural water, bottled at source without any treatment at all.

Drinking good quality water is a good investment for your own health. So don’t hesitate to invest in your health and treat yourself to HYDRA THERA today!


Dita Carey

Pilates Instructor

So far I have been a very good devotee to Hydra Thera. I mixed that with coffee and tea, and put it in the water jug with lemon sliced in that.

Rina Poerwadi

Holistic Aromatherapy Practioner

What my clients and I love about Hydrathera, they recycle! All empty bottles are sending back to my place when they re-purchase and I will keep them all until Hydra Thera comes and collect them.

Reza Gunawan

Holistic Healing Practioner

I came to the conclusion that a natural mineral water, with vital quality and taste such as Hydra Thera, is essential.

Holistic Aromatherapy Practioner

Holistic Aromatherapy Practioner

Doctor's Desk

Dr. Riani Susanto ND

Certified Naturopathic Doctor

I am already a healthy person, with HYDRA THERA I feel healthier. This is why I recommend it to my patients & my friends. I want to share the goodness I have experienced, and I want them to be healthier as well.

Image by Bekir Dönmez

Hermawan Indradjaja

Yoga Enthusiast

I always keep at least 2 bottles of HYDRA THERA in my car. The 2 litres volume serves as a reminder as to how much water I should be drinking. Yoga & HYDRA THERA, are my precious investments for long & healthy life.”

Image by J W

Dewi Puji

Former HR Consultant

As a doting mother, I strives to provide the right nutrients, food and water for my family. For water, I entrusts Hydra Thera to keep my family well hydrated.

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